Geomax Ezitex t300 Signal Transmitter

Geomax Ezitex t300 Signal Transmitter


3W Signal transmitter. Modes: 8kHz, 33kHz, 8kHz and 33kHz connection mode, 512kHz, 640kHz

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A more powerful dual frequency signal generator designed to work with Cable Detection’s excellent range of EZiCAT cable avoidance tools, the EZiTEX t300 differs from the less powerful t100 only in the amount of power it puts out. That’s 3 watts instead of 1 watt. In simple terms it’s possible to trace services over longer distances with a higher power signal generator.

To get the most out of any cable avoidance tool you should always use it in conjunction with a complementary signal generator. It is believed that, by using a signal generator, it can be possible to trace 50% more services than with a cable avoidance tool alone. Not a statistic to be taken lightly when safety is your primary concern.

Put simply, a signal generator emits a signal on one of two frequencies. The signal travels along a service that otherwise does not produce its own charge (a cable or a metallic pipe, for example) which in turn allows it to be traced from above using an EZiCAT.

Durable, Logical & Site Ready

The modern worksite is a dangerous place with accidents befalling equipment on a daily basis. To counter the threat of knocks and drops the EZiTEX t300 is protected by a heavy duty, impact resisant and fully waterproof (IP65) case. The simple, easy to use controls have been thoughtfully positioned on the outside of the case to minimise the risk of water damage.

To ensure your generator is working properly a built in test function assesses the software and circuitry before use with any problems being flagged up within seconds.

Dual Frequency

The EZiTEX t300 works in two modes in order to trace as many services as possible over the longest distance.

  • 33Khz (default)
  • 8Khz

Your Package Includes…

  • EZiTEX t300 (3 watt power output)
  • Cable kit and earth spike
  • 4 no. D cell LR20 batteries
  • Conformity certificate
  • Quick reference guide
  • Safety CD
  • User manual

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