GeoMax Robotic Total Station Tracking Device X-FIND

GeoMax Robotic Total Station Tracking Device X-FIND


  • Worldwide positioning available indoor via WLAN (accuracy of 15 meters) and outdoor via A-GPS (accuracy of 50 meters), GPS (accuracy down to <5 metres).
  • Get location updates on demand as frequently as once every minute. 
  • Travel history up to 365 days. 
  • Tracking the device even when the TS is off due life of backup battery. 
  • Instrument locking/unlocking remotely by clicking a button, even if the TS is not powered on, since the operation relies on establishing a connection to X-FIND module. 
  • Trigger alarm remotely. 
  • Flight mode capable. Disable only by starting up the TS. 
  • Checking status of the internal backup battery. 
  • Multiple devices tracking and managing within a account. The user cannot delete or transfer a device from one account to another. 
  • Multiple zones of Geo-fence designated by the user =>a notification by e-mail, SMS or push up messages from the application is sent when the device is out of the fence. 
  • Start moving alarm => a notification is sent when the instrument is moved. 
  • Speed alarm => a notification is sent when the speed limit is exceeded.
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  • Available as a hardware option which can be mounted on to the instrument instead of the second keyboard.
  • Available as an upgrade of existing Total Stations in Service from retro fitting.
  • Available for Zoom 70/90
  • Internal Backup battery (recharged by TS battery when TS is on)
  • Worldwide roaming available. Customer does not need a sim card.
  • Subscription (account) managed by Trackimo => annual renewal. First year is free. Personal and non-transferable account.
  • Only available for UK 

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