Mag Survey Nail From 25mm To 64mm Boxes Of 100

Mag Survey Nail From 25mm To 64mm Boxes Of 100



Free Pack Of Retro Targets With Every Box Of Nails Sold



Mag nails, are used for land surveying and construction layout when critical points are needed to be set in asphalt, wood, or other surfaces that a nail could be set into. 
Since most of the points that are set, end up in the real world, we have to be able to visually find them in the future. 
In addition the points set by one particular surveyor may need to be recovered by another Surveyor.
Hardened MAG Nails have become the preferred nail among surveyors worldwide.
Benefits of the MAGNAIL:
Magnetically enhanced nail makes it easier to find it farther below the surface.
A Larger centre point on the Magnail makes them easier to use.
More durable material means the head will not break off during installation.
Zinc Plated- ROHS European Compliant.
Coated with an environmentally friendly zinc and clear chromate, makes MAGNAIL more resistant to corrosion.
MAGNAIL is your replacement survey nail for PK or Parker Kalon (PK Nails)

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25 x 5mm Mag Nails (100), 32 x 6mm Mag Nails (100), 38 x 7mm Mag Nails (100), 50 x 7mm Mag Nails (100), 64 x 7mm Mag Nails (100)

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